Classes overview

We are a Brazilian Martial Arts School based in Bristol, UK. We provide weekly kids and adults Capoeira classes for ALL levels. There is NO fitness level required, just the motivation to learn, train and have fun!
ALL are welcome to join our fun and safe environment. First class FREE!

All classes take place in the main hall upstairs. Please read below to know what to expect during training, what to wear and important note for beginners.

More info about our adults classes here.

More info about our kids classes here.

Our capoeira classes are designed to cover all the fundamental aspects of Capoeira, including:

  • The importance of a good warm-up
  • Developing stamina, core strength, coordination, flexibility & agility
  • Basic technics such as kicks, escapes & basic capoeira acrobatics
  • How to apply the technics learnt with a partner
  • How to apply the movements previously learnt inside the roda (the circle where the game takes place)
  • Singing capoeira song in Portuguese
  • Playing percussion instruments (Berimbau, Atabaque, etc.)
  • Learning & appreciating the history of Capoeira and how it evolves in the world today

Beginners are more than welcome to join us and can try the first class for FREE. No need to book a place in advance, just turn up on the day. Although if you want to let us know you are coming please contact us here.

Make sure you wear comfortable/ loose-fitting trouser (no jeans) and bring a bottle of water with you.

Important note for beginners
Despite what many people think, there is NO fitness level required or specific physical preparation needed before starting capoeira. We will get you where you need to be with regular and consistent training practise and conditioning training.
Only motivation, perseverance and hard work will take you where you want to be!

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